Driving Environmental
Excellence District-Wide

A closer look at Keller Independent Schools.

At Staples Business Advantage, we make it easy to be eco-conscious. Our extensive line of facilities solutions is designed to help your business operate safely and efficiently, all while easing the impact on the environment. But we do much more than sell products. We work with you to develop environmentally sound practices that help eliminate redundancies, reduce costs, introduce labor-saving processes, and improve the overall quality of your environment. That's the Staples way.

Here is one example of how a large school district in Texas turned to Staples to transform its cleaning and procurement processes, implementing environmentally friendly and consistent cleaning practices across 39 campuses and improving student attendance in the process

"Thanks to Staples, our facilities operations are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. We always want the environment to be a part of business decision making processes and Staples has helped us do that."

Frank Di Nella, Director of Operations and Distribution, Keller Independent School District