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White paper: An expert’s guide to reducing labor costs at your facility

There’s a right way and a wrong way to reducing costs at your facility. Chasing lower-priced products provides short-term savings, but improving HOW you clean your facilities produces cost-savings for years to come. Because as most facility managers know, 90% of your total costs are built into your processes, and only 10% comes from your products.

Read this white paper from Staples Business Advantage to get practical labor savings tips that you can put into practice at your facility immediately. Specifically this paper will provide:

• A 7-step checklist to help streamline your facilities processes

• Advice on calculating your facility’s target cleaning rates

• Insight on the surprising impact your choice of soap dispenser has on labor rates

After reading this paper you can start putting these strategies into practice at your today and find out how Staples Business Advantage can support your goals.